Make my Dramatic Silk Curtains: Sew easy!

Here's a short video on how I made my dupioni silk dining room curtains, as featured in HGTV Ideas Magazine. If you can sew a basic lined curtain with a plain, flat heading, you can do this! There are no pleats and the hardware is easy to install - just 4 drywall anchors and 4 screws per drapery holdback and you're done.

Draped Heading CurtainYou could also customize ready-made silk curtain panels if you don't need a crazy long length (135") like I did. I love the casual elegance of these curtains. As you'll see in the "before" shot, they took my already-nice dining room to a whole new level.

Old sewing machines are the bestSew economical!
If you're new to home sewing, you don't need fancy equipment to make curtains - or any other fabric home furnishings, for that matter. I still use used Elna Zig-Zag sewing machine (circa 1974) and basic techniques from the 1986 book, Vogue Sewing for the Home. I sold my serger years ago on eBay because I prefer to sew blind hems by hand...the way Mom taught me.

Sew what are you waiting for?
Sewing for your own home is one of the most rewarding do-it-yourself projects you can tackle. I've saved thousands of dollars over 20 years, and 3 homes, making my own window treatments, bedding, pillows, slipcovers, decorative pillows, upholstered headboards.

Post your questions and I'll try to answer them. Happy sewing!

UPDATE: The gold silk and holdbacks I used here have been discontinued at Calico Corners, but you can find good substitutes out there.


Lynn T. said...

These are amazing and just what I have been looking for. The only thing I need to do differently is angle te header slightly so I can follow the slight curve of a side arched window. Yours is arched in the middle and you don't loose the shape with straight panels. My window is straight in the center and arches on the sides. I would love to know if this will work, so I guess I will do a mock up first. I would welcome more sewing information and your reply. Thanks for this beautiful idea.

Mary Kay Ulsamer said...

Lynn, thanks for your comment. You could try it with an old sheet first. It's hard to give specific advice via a blog. I just found pictures of treatments on windows similar to mine. Then you do some draping with duct tape to find out what works. Sewing is basic, like making a pillowcase. Hope this helps!