Do-it-yourself Mirror TV

Still ROFL after seeing the expensive outdoor TV, above, in Traditional Home. It will only set you back $8,995 to put this 42-inch LCD TV on your porch, patio or lanai.

If 9K to watch TV outside isn't in your budget, here's what we did on our lanai: We put a nice Westinghouse LCD Flat Panel behind a one-way mirror. I did my first mirror TV in the master bath with a 19" LCD, even before HGTV's Candice Olson.

It's the perfect solution for a flat panel outside, especially near the ocean where we live. It also provides some security because when the TV's off, it looks like a big mirror.

I don't know why, but men love this TV. I always thought it was just the sisters who wanted to hide the big screen.

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: the only downside > you can't watch it in bright daylight.

Now, see the DIY Mirror TV in action in this brief video (apologies, Brett Favre fans):

This project cost us about $1,500 for the build-out and $750 for the TV and one-way mirror.

Here’s how we did it…
  • Carpenter added fireplace wall after house was built
  • Builder had installed electrical and cable outlets on original wall
  • Carpenter built a niche about 20" deep above the no-vent fireplace
  • There are holes in the niche's ceiling to disperse heat buildup
  • I added an MDF shelf in the niche above the TV that holds cable box
  • I painted inside of the niche and shelf black
  • I added 1x4 pine vertical supports inside niche opening for mirror to rest against
  • Had 1/4" one-way mirror cut to just under actual measurements of opening
  • I attached super velcro to the supports and back of mirror
  • Mirror's weight is supported because it sits on floor of niche
  • I velcroed on a removeable “frame” of stained poly trim to hide edges
  • Harmony One Remote
    works thru mirror
  • Audio from TV's speakers comes through mirror perfectly
  • Jim can take mirror down when we need access to TV or DirecTV box
  • Mirror cost: about $200 at local auto glass & mirror dealer
  • Ready-made Mirror TVs sell for thousands


Rue said...

Hi Mary Kay :)

I didn't know you had a blog! I found you via Gollum. It's really late here, but I'll be back :)

(hthrrue on RMS)

Jacqui said...

Great site! We are trying to do a mirror in front of our tv but our local glass companies keep putting us off. Is there a specific brand name or type of mirror that you use (beyond one-way)? For some reason it seems that they have different 'one-way' products and the one I thought would work has a dark grey back.

Mary Kay said...

Hey Jacqui! Ask for a mirror sample you can hold in front of a TV. My mirror has a slight blue-green tint to it when seen next to a standard mirror. Good luck!

Luke said...

All mirror will have a greenish tint to it (unless its made with starphire glass, which is unlikely) due to that being the most commmon glass used for typical glazing.
As far as what to ask for in a glass shop, we order all of ours as "mirror-pane", and most customers refer to it as 2-way mirror.